Streamlining processes and overcoming challenges.

FirstDMT is focused on providing the best Open Device Management solutions available.

Our main objective is to assist our customers to streamline processes and overcome challenges that relate to device/service-related operations in general and service provisioning, customer support and performance monitoring.

Our primary Target market is the telecommunication industry which includes Mobile Operators, Telcos, Internet Service providers (ISP), Wireless Internet Service providers (WISPs), Voice Service Providers (VSPs) and Virtual Internet Service Providers (VISPs).

Our solutions are device agnostic, and are applicable to any device on any network, reaching a broader customer base. For this reason, many Solution Integrators (SIs) are also using FirstDMT services to streamline operations to gain great efficiency and ultimately save on various cost line items.

Alleviating our customers from device-related technicalities and nuances allow them to focus on growing their service offerings (their core business) that ultimately results in a stronger and more resilient enterprise.

We offer cloud, private-cloud or on-premise solutions, so a correct fit can be found for any architecture scenario. The proliferation of cloud services worldwide, has accelerated our growth in the International market, currently servicing various International customers in varying capacities.

First DMT is based in South Africa and originated as a department within Nology over a decade ago. We have developed a highly specialised skillspool proficient in world class solutions, positioning us to interpret and service both the local and international markets as a highly competitive however cost effective technology solutions partner.

Why partner with First DMT?

  • Open standard, no lock-ins
    Our offerings are based on open standards and can easily integrate with 3rd party systems or even pre-existing device management architecture components.
  • Hardware agnostic
    Provided that industry standard protocols form the basis of our service offerings, FirstDMT solutions are fully hardware vendor agnostic.
  • Scalable solution
    Our flexible architecture options allow for full scalability from the smallest of Virtual ISPs to be largest of telcos or mobile operators. 
  • Cost saving
    Increased efficiencies from various operational areas contribute towards this cost-saving mechanism/drive. 
  • Improved customer experience

Your customer or subscriber is given a world-class experience as they begin and continue their journey with you.

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To become/remain a valued technology partner to Telcos, ISPs, Mobile Operators and Solution Integrators by;

  • Streamlining provisioning and assurance processes by implementing device management technology and automation best-practices based on industry standards.
  • Improve operational efficiency and product value by leveraging data from CPE-based crowdsourcing.


  • Garner customer trust and confidence in our ability to create persistent value and our efficacy in overcoming contemporary device management challenges in the industry.
  • Automating and modernising processes to minimize cost while improving customer experience and service quality.