AXACT | Embedded Connectivity

AXACT TR-069 / USP Stack – Connectivity To Almost Any Kind Of Device

AXACT provides a fully Broadband Forum (“BBF”) standards compliant TR-069 client and TR-369 | USP agent protocol implementation. By means of a a highly customisable data model, service providers can now configure, provision and monitor the underlying device features and functions.

Key Features of AXACT

  • Designed to be powerful and extensible yet simple to use

  • Single process event driven engine

  • Very lightweight ataround 150-400 kB binary size

  • Always supplied in C++11 compatible C source code

  • Extensive documentation, example apps and testing support

  • Unified data model and mapping implementation

  • Concurrent TR-069 and TR-369 protocol support

AXACT Features & Functionalities

The Axiros AXACT CWMP client is used to provide TR-069 | TR-369 functionality to almost any kind of device. AXACT provides a fully Broadband Forum (“BBF”) standards compliant TR-069 | TR-369 protocol implementation together with a highly customizable data model, which allows an ACS to configure and monitor every feature implemented on the device.

  • USP and/or TR-069 USP protocol support, also concurrently with a single implementation

  • Always supplied in C source code (C90/C99), C++11 compatible

  • Comes with extensive documentation, example applications and testing support

  • Works on every POSIX1.b compliant system

  • Single process (non-threaded) event driven engine

  • May be integrated into existing applications, OS processes or tasks

  • Modular design for easy customization

  • Supports any TR-106 compliant model via automatic code generation

  • IPv6 and dual stack operation supported

  • TLS 1.2/1.3 capable with extensive certificate handling using the out-of-thebox

  • Libre-, OpenSSL, and mbedTLS support or custom implementation

  • UTF-8 support

  • Embeddable Lua interpreter and bindings for scripting functionality

  • Lightweight at around 150-400 kB binary size

  • Relies on libevent 2.x for communication, timers and buffer management

AXACT Product Line