AXTRACT | QoE Monitoring

Monitoring And Management Of Customer QoE For Data And VoIP Services

Telco & Service provider service offerings are extremly competitive and hotly contested. The leading SPs worldwide do understand that providing a robust and high quality service is key success factor #1. A high degree of service & support automation and consistent E2E QoE monitoring are the two building blocks for all those disciplines beyond – proactive service management, predictive network maintenance and zero-touch re-provisioning.

Key Features of AXTRACT

  • QoE Monitoring for any device
  • For DOCSIS LTE & DSL networks
  • Quality and traffic data aggregation & analysis

AXTRACT Features & Functionalities

  • No additional 3rd party software cost

  • Flexible collection mechanism (based on GPV)

  • ACS independent

  • Flexible OSS/BSS integration mechanism for Metadata Injection (push and pull)

  • Ability to export collected data in different formats

  • Alerting framework for Proactive Support and Alarming

  • Storage Optimization (RRD usage, short notation for parameters, etc.)

  • Fully compliant with diagnostic extensions like TR-143 and TR-157, to transform a device into a real active probe

    • Fully Multi-protocol Collectors (available for TR-069, telnet, ssh, http, snmp, etc.)

    • Powerful Post Processing Tool (raw data and aggregation)

    • High Level of Scalability (design patterns to really scale)

    • High Performance (thousands of inform messages/sec/server)

    • Ability to give different priorities to collected data

    • Runs on low-cost hardware, with reduced hardware requirements