Telecommunications operators (telcos), Internet service providers (ISPs) and Managed services providers (MSPs) can now automate customer device onboarding, provisioning, monitoring, troubleshooting and service thanks to vendor-agnostic device management solutions from First Device Management Technology (Pty) Ltd, (FirstDMT).

FirstDMT, a wholly owned subsidiary of Epsidon Technology Holdings (Pty) Ltd, operates as a systems integrator (SI) offering Axiros technologies in the South African and African markets. CEO Willem Venter explains: “With our device management, quality of experience and service automation, we primarily help customers to streamline processes and overcome challenges that relate to device- or service-related operations. We also assist our customers in making efficiency gains in service provisioning, customer support and performance monitoring.”

He explains that the first part of the solution is streamlining the setup of any new customer device, such as a broadband router (Fibre, LTE/5G , Wireless or Satellite), business router (Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik, etc), IP Phone or any device used to facilitate the service on the customer edge.

The Axiros system integrates with the service provider’s operations support and business support systems (OSS/BSS) via APIs (application processing interfaces) to assign and provision service-profile details matched to that customer’s device. The device is delivered to the customer who then simply plugs it into the network. The device securely signs into the provision server, drawing down any configs or profiles that have been assigned to it. The customer’s service is thus fulfilled correctly, the first time, without the customer or a technical resource from the Service Provider having to handhold the process.

Just this step can save the service provider substantial amounts of time, money and resources, as it requires no human intervention – and result in a smoother, more enjoyable customer experience, Venter says.

However, FirstDMT and Axiros go further by streamlining technical support, monitoring and performance measurement as well.

When customers call with a problem, support staff typically spend a lot of time trying to identify the hardware on the client’s premises and then familiarising themselves with those particular interfaces – which makes support a tedious task resulting in a frustrating customer experience.

Axiros’ universal support portal features a common interface regardless of what hardware type, vendor or brand the client is running, and presents the exact same pane of glass to support technicians. And, because the service-profile of the customer and their hardware are associated on the server, any support issues can be dealt with quickly and smoothly.

“The technician can now quickly identify the user, identify and access the device,” Venter says. “They can then do remote troubleshooting or service-parameter adjustments on the device – which means you’re not relying on the user to access the device or make changes.”

This capability goes a long way to improving the typical customer experience, he points out. “When a customer calls in, the tech can fix the problem immediately. This drastically improves first-call resolution, decreases call duration and portrays a professional call desk, generating customer satisfaction.”

FirstDMT started as a division of Nology but, recognising the need to be vendor-agnostic, has now spun out as a separate company within the Epsidon Technology group.

Venter explains that the Axiros system can manage a full range of devices, from IP phones, edge device on fibre, LTE and DSL, WiFi and IoT devices. “In fact, any device with an IP address and management interface exposed to the WAN,” Venter says.

FirstDMT complements the Axiros solution with its own localised skills and expertise, focussing on process and operational streamlining in the ICT market, explains lead Solutions Architect Adriaan Liebenberg.

“We help our customers increase operational efficiency by automating and refining their provisioning and support processes, as well as quality of experience felt by the end-user.

FirstDMT is the sole agent for Axiros solutions in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. They also make available the solution in a flexible array of architectural configurations including, on-prem, public- and private-cloud.

The team at FirstDMT boasts a depth of technical skills and experience, servicing the majority of the telcos and ISPs in South Africa – as well and a handful of global customers.

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